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David Howard

Personal Trainer/ Wellness Coach

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ME Sufferer - England

“ I feel rejuvenated and refreshed: reborn, even. I never thought I’d feel this well again. I look forward to my gym sessions, and now I’m looking forward to the rest of my illness-free life.” ​

ME Sufferer - Holland

'' David is a very kind and calm person. His instructions are clear and precise and he gave me a lot of confidence. My body has found its self-healing ability again.'' ​

ME Sufferer - Holland

“The therapy/training Dave uses is innovative, out of the box, precise and powerful. You will need to go All In, carefully 😉 , and it is worth every minute and cent you will invest. Dave is empathetic, supportive, sensitive and encouraging.” ​

ME Sufferer - Holland

“I was in England in November 22. After a few months I was skiing again. Not as fast as usual, but I did it. I made a cruise (with gym) with my family. I can meet friends again whichwas impossible before because of ME/CFS.   For next year I hope I will stabilise further. Going to David was the best decision ever !” ​ ​ ​​

ME Sufferer - Holland

'' I am very happy with the first results. I don't wake up so sick anymore, I sleep better, my posture feels stronger, and I am more stable standing. My nervous system feels a lot calmer. It's great to be able to enjoy life again. I've come a long way and I'm not there yet. I will continue to train, and expect to continue making progress with what David taught me. ”

Learn to Listen to Your Body So You                    Can Heal Yourself

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Neural Healing Training
     Now A

Neural Healing Training is great for ridding the system of stress, fear and pain and all associated disorders. Do yourself a favor and learn how to live without a stressful/noisey system!

Corporate Workshop for Team Building
                 Exercises also available

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