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Here are some customer's reviews of their experiences working with me here in Norwich.

David Howard 


An - The Netherlands

Six years ago I got ME/CFS and POTS (dysautonomia). I tried a lot to get some relief. For half a year I did a revalidation which was graded excercise and I got even worse. I could do light activities four times a day for half an hour and had to lay down between activities because of dysautonomia. I followed three ladies on the internet who did this therapy. They all felt better afterwards. When David came to Norwich I knew I had to go immediately. I worked with David for three weeks. During the sessions with David I learned slow exercises on my socks with my eyes closed. The exercises calm down the nervous system. At first it felt a little bit weird in the gym like this but from session one I felt different. Pains got less and during the second week I could take a walk on the beach. When I got home I went to the gym 5 times a week to do the exercises further on my own. At first, you might think going to the gym every day is difficult, but as soon as you realize it helps, it will be a part of your day and it is no task at all - as you get more energy. When I had a question I asked David what to do next and followed exactly as he said. I was in England in November. After a few months I was skiing again. Not as fast as usual, but I did it. I took a cruise (with a gym) with my family. I can meet friends again which was impossible before because of ME/CFS.   For next year I hope I will stabilize further. Going to David was the best decision ever !”


Mirjam- The Netherlands

I was seriously ill at home for 8 years with ME , Orthostatic Intolerance (OI)  and POTS, the last two years I was bed bound. ​ I went to therapy with David for a month. From the beginning I had very good results. I was able to stand and sit longer almost immediately and the stimulus processing went a lot better. During the weeks I got to know my body better and better and the progress continued. My heart rate was measurably lower and I hardly suffer from OI and POTS anymore. Also the PEM characteristics of ME has remained absent since the therapy began, which allows me to do all  kinds of things again. ​ David is an honest and knowledgeable man. He really knows what he is talking about and I trusted him completely. I could tell that  he knows what he is doing and that he has a lot of experience. I was completely able to surrender to the therapy and he lived up to that trust. Now I"m home  and I have the tools to continue my journey. David is also now available at all times for feedback and encouragement. ​ I can"t put into words how grateful I am that I had the therapy with David. It has completely changed my life. The world has opened up again, I can plan for the future again and have my life back. I am so grateful for the therapy! ​

Karmijn - The Netherland

“My experience with David's therapy is very positive. After a flu 8 years ago I stayed ill with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Orthostatic Intolerance (you can't stay upright) and this therapy was my only hope to be able to get upright again. And it worked. After only three days of training I felt changes in my body and I can stay upright again now and I am able to do a lot more activities in one day. My quality of life has greatly improved and I continue to train the rest of the program with David's remote guidance. David is a very kind and calm person. His instructions are clear and precise and he gave me a lot of confidence. My body has found its self-healing ability again.”

Ruth - The Netherlands 

“To start with… Dave is “just” a good and decent guy, he is doing really everything he can to understand and help his clients. I am 60 years old and I have suffered from moderate to sever ME/CFS for 23 years and long Covid, which came together with emotional distress. I used to spend most of my days laying or sleeping, unable to live any sort of normal life, to work, to enjoy family and friends. After 5 weeks of intensive training with Dave, and only 3 months later I am getting my body and mind, and my life, back on track. I am walking daily, working, gaining healthy life stile and mental habits, seeing friends and family and traveling. It is not an easy process, but I am getting stronger and more resilient every day, and Dave is still there for me to advice and support in difficult moments. Dave assists me still with remote after-care per video calls and messages, The therapy/training Dave uses is innovative, out of the box, precise and powerful. You will need to go All In, carefully 😉 , and it is worth every minute and cent you will invest. Dave is empathetic, supportive, sensitive and encouraging.”

Lieke - The Netherlands 

“Because of ME/CFS, I suffered from exercise intolerance. I went from PEM (Post External Malaise) to PEM, and each time I worsened a bit. I had to rest for 23 hours a day and could only tolerate few stimuli. My sympathetic nervous system was also constantly on. Because I heard multiple good stories about ME/CFS patients who have been to David, I decided to go for it. I trained with David for four weeks. David is a friendly person who guided me professionally these weeks. I am very happy with the first results. I don't wake up so sick anymore, I sleep better, my posture feels stronger, and I am more stable standing. Not only that, but I can do more things for longer without getting PEM. I regularly surprise myself about this. My nervous system feels a lot calmer. It's great to be able to enjoy life again. I've come a long way and I'm not there yet. I will continue to train, and expect to continue making progress with what David taught me. ”

City Traffic

Lou - Manchester

“I’d had severe ME for many years. During that time I’d tried many therapies – and none of them had worked. I was particularly wary of exercise, as it was one of the factors that I felt had conspired to make me ill. However, the training that I did with Dave is nothing like the beatings I used to give myself, and it has done the trick where other methods failed. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed: reborn, even. I never thought I’d feel this well again. A word to the wary – this isn’t graded exercise, which has been demonstrated to be harmful for many with ME! It’s a system which you’ll find effective, rewarding and even enjoyable to learn and do. I look forward to my gym sessions, and now I’m looking forward to the rest of my illness-free life.”

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