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 Relaxation Training


For The First Time in Norwich 

What's it all about 

The three biggest factors creating excess energy/noise in our brain/body system and contributing to bad health are;

- fear

- stress

- pain

Having the knowledge of how to rid the system of these detrimental systematic flaws can bring about dramatic effect on the human body.

Relaxation Training gives you all the knowledge you will ever need to get control over these afflictions and moving forward - create a more open, robust (better able to adapt to any new changeable environmental stimulus ) system, to give the system - integrity ( the information you need to achieve any task without creating excess stress/noise in the system )!

At the end of the day it is all about information processing! When the body/brain system has all the information it needs to carry out a function and the flow of information is clear and precise, the system doesn't need to stress and downstream lessens the chances of engaging the fear mechanism,

Relaxation Training is a set of simple exercises and protocols done in a super relaxed environment which allows you to take on stimulus from the environment and not have it create excess stimulus/stress/energy in the system. Learned how to achieve this greatly reduces the amount of stress and fear you will have roaming around in your body/brain system.

Relaxation Training is something you"ll have the rest of your life to help get you through the hard times!

Press on the Fear, Pain and Injury Management button for more info into these debilitating traits - 

Corporate Workshop for Team Building Exercises also available

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