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Back and Mobility Problems

Back and Mobility problems (Eg : back/hip problems) have plagued us since the dawn of time.

These problems can lead to all kinds of life altering events. 

They can be the precursor to any number of  disorders leading to  premature aging through lack of mobility and illness!

Now we can do something about it ! 


Back Problems

Back problems are created from years and years of hard work and stress on that area of  the system. Over the course of time a lot of energy gets stuck in the back area. Energy can only equate to heat in the human body, so the heat sits there deteriorating the muscles and joints at that point.

Excess energy in any area of the system means the new clear information the body needs to grow/heal can't enter that area and so inevitably it deteriorates! 

That  energy needs to be dispersed so that positive clear information from the brain can connect up with the back area and allow for new neuronal /cellular growth to heal ! 


Blue Sportswear

Why doesn't stretching help back problems?

While stretching may give temporary relief from the pain associated with structural problems ( because of the endorphins:  the sudden reduction in pain/tension creates this), it is definitely not the long term solution!

The neuronal pathway that is creating the problem needs to have the information changed to bring about any long term behavioral system change. Stretching merely creates gaps in the pathways running through the system, which over time deteriorates the system integrity! 

This means added stress on the system as the body is getting an interrupted flow of information into that area. Any time the brain doesn't have a clear picture of sensory information coming into the system it will lead to added stress through instability created on the system!

So What Can We Do

The solution to structural problems is to make the brain aware that there is a problem - similar to what the pain receptor in the human system is created to do!

Most problems are hidden away in the subconscious and only express themselves when the pain arrives to tell us there is a problem ( a protective mechanism that tells us to slow down for a while)! We have to expose them before this process reaches the pain mechanism. We can do that by making the brain aware of their existence - through slow guided exercise and taking advantage of the Executive Control regions of the brain to rid the system of these hidden problems.  Once we bring the target area to the brain's attention, we can bring about change in the behavioral patterns that are maintaining the negative/positive feedback loops that are creating the problem in the first place, and allow that area of the system to heal.

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