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Free System Assessment

Modern Dancers

This is a perfect opportunity to find out first hand how N-P-R can set you on the right path to a new healthier way of living! 

No matter what age you are!

The assessment is roughly a 30 minute to one hour visit to the gym.

The assessment consists of - 

- a full explanation of N-P-R

- an assessment of your system ( to see how much stress and fear is in your system now)

- assessment of your body ( through mild exercise ) to find any restraints that are holding you back from being the very best you can be!

Email -

Tele - 44 - 07450460440


How does the approach to training differ from other training regimes ?  The training method is a gym based method that trains the body and the brain to better communicate with each other to bring about real change in the total human body / brain system.  I use standard gym equipment to rid the system of any restrains/ negative behaviorial patterns that you may have going on - that are keeping you in your old negative behavioral state, both physically and emotionally.  Because the brain and nervous systems primarily dictate how healthy the human system is, they need to be taken into account when it comes to how we train.  Many training and rehabilitation techniques work under the assumption that when one part of the body/ brain system is damaged, that only that part of the system needs repairing.  When in fact, because the human system is a total system that works in unison with all parts ( muscular, skeletal and the brain), we have to take the whole system into account.  When it comes to health and rehabilitation, we have to consider - that while the parts of the system that are injured need attention, so too, does the remainder of the system that has had to compromise because of the injury/ disorder.  This is where the importance of holistic healing/ training comes into it’s own. We have to balance out the whole total human system to have it working at its optimal performance levels to bring about balance and control over the total system, so that it is working as one whole more functional unit.  This in turn gives the brain/ body system - integrity ( a more open, clearer, continuous connection in the nervous pathways throughout the system) which reduces the risk of future injury because all the information the system needs is in place when it is needed to achieve a function.  There is no misinformation there which can cause stress and future injury to the system. This also aids in reducing the amount of stress - the benefits of which are too numerous to mention here.  I train the client’s body/ brain system to better communicate with each other to bring about real, long term positive , behavioural change to the old negative behavioural patterns you have going on in your body/ brain system, to have them work together to give you a better, healthier, functioning body.  I have had some great results dealing with neurological disorders - especially those pertaining to the Autonomic Nervous system ( ANS ). The number of ANS related disorders are on the rise. This is mainly due to the constant over exposure of the Sympathetic Nervous system ( SNS ) - due to the amount of stress we deal with on a daily basis ( along with  a faster, more technical lifestyle we live with these days ), as well as other modern environmental factors that create burnout in our systems.  That is why the training is the perfect formula for both physical and emotional disorders.  Contact me for a more in-depth discussion into how the training can benefit you at:  Email  Phone 07459460440

Why do we feel better when our systems are devoid of stress and fear? ​When the system is tied up with excess stress and fear and we don't have system integrity ( a constant flow of clear, uninterrupted information) - stress rules the system!  Stressful conditions change how the brain processes biochemicals and hormones which can lead to drastic changes in  personality and behavioral patterns which include - - anger - lack of motivation - frustration with people and life  - depression - fatigue - lack of patience To name but a few ! ​Through ( initial ) mild relaxed exercise we can open up the system, to give the body a much clearer flow of information throughout the body /brain system. This allows the total human system to better assess the information coming in from the environment and not have the information processing tainted with all the noise the system is currently processing the information in - what we consider a maladaptive system - ( functioning but in a protective, low energy state)! ​Find out more about how to get started on Level 1 & 2 to turn your system around! ​

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