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These are a list of partial services I offer here in Norwich.                          Please contact me for any queries you may have. 

Personal Trainer Stretching Session

Personal Training

Ageing Reduction / Better Mobility

 Better Fitness  and Health

Overall System Enhancement

Professional Athlete Performance Enhancement  (less risk of future injury)

Stronger more Healthier Body

Stress Reduction

Weight Lose


Better Mobility

Back Problems 

Long Term Injury Relief

Minor Structural Problems 

Stroke Rehabilitation


Physical Therapy

Complex Disorders 



Autonomic Nervous  System Disorders


Bipolar Disorder


Long Covid


Neurological Disorders



Digital Nomad

Online Sessions

Enjoy with friends

​Conditions Aided Online Arthritis  Anxiety Balance Issues Back/Hip Issues Chronic Pain Depression Frozen Shoulders General Health Issues  Minor Structural Alignment Overall System Conditioning Physical Injury R.S.I Stress Relief Mobility Rehabilitation Slowing of The Aging Process Weight Issues

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Neural Healing Training

8 x 1 hour sessions 

Neural Healing Training is a great way of ridding the system of excess energy and system restraints which go on to become the breeding grounds for disease and, physical and emotional disorders. Do yourself a favor and learn how to live without a stressful/noisy system!

This is something you'll have for life!

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