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Break Dancer

Mobility Issues

As we age, a lot of information can get dampened out of the body/brain system, resulting in a lose of crucial physical and emotional support information.

This can lead to excess stress on the system increasing the amount of stress hormone the body /brain system produces .

An excess in Cortisol - (The stress hormone) leads to premature ageing!

N-P-R is the perfect exercise regime for the reduction of Cortisol in the human system, because we bring all the necessary support information online so that the system has any information it needs to complete any action you need to undertake!


How does N-P-R stop the Fear-Pain response

Fear and pain responses are connected to certain feedback loops that exist within the system. These need to be negated to rid the system of these stimuli. This can be done with the introduction of new clear information into the system to override the existing negative behavioral feedback loops that are dictating your very existence!

Through slow controlled, and relaxed  exercises working with neuronal pathways closely connected to the Lymbic System ( the emotional center of the brain) we can switch off the responses in the system related to fear and give the system integrity to create a more open, robust system that is more adaptive to environmental changes that occur on a daily basis.

This allows our system to be better able to adapt to environmental stresses  without the need of the fear response engagement which downstream leads to much less stress on the system - negating the need for the system to produce stress hormones that promotes ageing and a multitude of other physical and emotional  disorders.

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